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I'm originally from the east side of Michigan where I grew up with my parents with 3 sisters. My dad has owned a construction company for over 30 years, and my mom is now a Realtor who has done over a dozen flips over the past 5 years or so. I went to Hope College in Holland graduating with business management and economics with an emphasis on finance and marketing. After graduating I worked in Marketing for an Insurance company before transitioning into real estate and I've never looked back.
Real Estate is a passion of mine that I just can't shake and truly feel blessed that I am able to work in a field that I love and get the opportunity to share that knowledge to help the people I work with.

Where I Work and Live

I've lived in Grand Rapids since 2009 in some of the downtown buildings and now reside in East Hills. Downtown, East Hills, Eastown and East Grand Rapids are the areas I'm most actively involved in since I spend much of my time there myself and also have a couple of "flips" and rental properties in this area. I do work in all the greater Grand Rapids areas however including Rockford, Forest Hills area, Byron Center, Caledonia, Grandville, etc. I pride myself on taking the time to thoroughly research and understand the market and area of your desired home.

Who I work with

Simply, I work with both buyers and sellers - First time home buyers, Relocations, Investors, those upgrading, downsizing, and everything in between. I work with a variety of situations, and what is exciting, is that the path for each person is always different. That is why I like to meet with the client for an initial conversation when possible, and then again as much as needed to talk about what fits for how I can help you along the way.

Buyers especially all have different ideas of how the realtor can help - Some want to search on their own till they're ready, Some believe that the reason for a buyers agent is to do the searching for you. (and both are correct!) I adjust to be as much (or sometimes as little) help as you'd like. If you're someone who wants to search on your own, you can call me when you're ready to check out a house. For those people, if you're interested, I can give you some tips on how to search more precisely, websites with most accuracy, things to be aware of, even set up alerts so you know of new listings first and overall, help you be prepared so when you find the one for you, you're ready and don't miss out. If you're someone looking for a little more "hand holding", I'm more than happy to walk along side you and answer questions each step of the way.

For Sellers, I like to have an initial conversation of what your goals are for the sale. I am thorough with research on comps (please don't just take the "zestimate" as law) to give insight on what your home is worth. I can explain market trends, which can have dramatic shifts even from one month to the next. I can explain the marketing techniques availabile - professional photographer, 3D tours, website usage, postings and impacts on different social media sites, along with assistance on prepping and staging your home. These are just some of the tactics available that I can give you further details on. And it if you're not into detail, you can rest soundly knowing that someone else has done the homework to put your house in the best light possible

Outside of Real Estate

Outside of real estate, one of my next largest passions would be the city of Grand Rapids. I have loved watching the city grow in the last 5 years grow. It seems every week a new restaurant or brewery is opening up and I like to experience all the new opportunities it has to offer.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling. I'm less likely to upgrade electronics or update my wardrobe, but more likely to be on travel sites plotting my next exploration. I love experiencing new cultures, activities, foods, beverages (wine being high up on that list) and perspectives. Ask me to go on a trip, and I'm likely in. (Client schedules willing, of course !)

I'm also a strong golfer, enjoy snowboarding in the winter, being out on Lake Michigan in the summer, impromptu happy hours, and live music in most forms from 1 guy and a guitar, to a classical concert, to floor seats. I like to stay active and always up to try new things.

Advise to those looking for an Agent

If I can offer one tip to those looking for an agent, it would be to set up interviews. You are hiring someone! While it seems every listing has a similar format, you'd be surprised by the different techniques and tools available, from photography and virtual tour options, industry knowledge, the multiple methods of evaluating comps/pricing, social media and additional marketing methods, and the list goes on. It is the largest purchase or sale of your life and you want to make sure you have the right agent on your team.

Contact Me!

I'm always happy to talk Real Estate. So whether you're a close friend or complete stranger, always feel free to call, email, or text with any question from "How much is my house worth?", to "What makes you different than other realtors?" to "Help! Where do I start???" I enjoy a challenge, and even more so, getting to know my clients and becoming a trusted adviser you can depend on throughout the processes from start to close.
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